Research & Development

Through selective activities, the R & D department HeGo Biotec GmbH are continuously expanding its range of high-quality products and processes. The company is working closely with partners at universities and colleges as well as experienced business Enterprises.


The focus of the research activities is on:

  • Continuous development of products based on iron hydroxide
  • Expansion of product range for gas and water treatment
  • Economical optimization of all products and processes

HeGo Biotec GmbH has among others successfully completed the following projects:

  • Further phosphorus elimination in waste water treated by small sewage treatment plants – adsorption of phosphorus to granules based on iron hydroxide and regeneration of the adsorbent whith phosphorus recovery
  • Reduction of arsenic in drinking water
  • Assessment basis for decentralized plants with iron hydroxide based materials for treatment of contaminated runoff and similar waters
  • Sorptive cooling in air conditioning of buildings by liquid sorbent based on inorganic, hygroscopic salts
  • Innovative method of oxygen and hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas using ferrous substances
  • Impact of products based on iron hydroxide in internal desulfurization of biogas plants



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