Sewer Network Department

The department of sewer networks provides both economically and ecologically functional products and methods for controlling odor and corrosion in sewer networks. This range of services is complemented by direct services designed especially with our customers in mind.

Our staff can assist you with any requests.

Activities and services

  • Waste water treatment for the prevention of odor and corrosion
  • Recording of H2S concentrations
  • Procedures for the required dosing rates of chemicals
  • Comprehensive customer care and complete plant construction and service

 “Environmental Protection – State of the Art”

  • Liquid medium based on iron hydroxide GoSil® Ultra / 150
  • 45% solution of calcium nitrate GoMet® N
  • Iron (II) chloride solution GoFloc® 126

Technological aid

  • Portable measuring instruments for detecting and transmitting H2S concentration OCC-910 & MINI H2S meter
  • Microprocessor based intelligent metering control GoMUC
  • Internet platform OCC-900
  • Compact storage and metering units GoMet® Dos
  • Mobile metering units GoMet® Dos mobile