In addition to the environment, social commitment is an important part of our corporate responsibility. This is why Hego Biotec GmbH supports sports clubs and other socially relevant projects.

2016: “Debating Matters” a pilot project in Berlin schools

In partnership with the Institute of Ideas based in London, a pilot project “Debating Matters” took place in November 2015 in Berlin. HeGo Biotec GmbH supported the competition, which was attended by six high schools. It was Germany’s first English-language debating competition for students in which the substance of the arguments was rated higher than the rhetoric. Debating Matters helps students to improve their communication skills in English and to gain self-confidence and maturity. In addition, this project aims to achieve high performance standards and prepare students for civic engagement as well as professional challenges.

Participating schools:

  • Eckener-Gymnasium
  • Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium
  • Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium
  • Humboldt-Gymnasium
  • Leibniz-Schule Berlin
  • Nelson-Mandela-Schule

Pilotprojekt Berlin

2015: First men’s team of VfK Berlin-Südwest e.V

Hego Biotec GmbH supports the volleyball players of the first men’s team of VfK Berlin-Südwest e. V.. The volleyball department of VfK is a founding member of the Berlin Volleyball Association and has a decades-long tradition in Berlin Volleyball.

Foto 3 (2)
VfK Berlin-Südwest e. V.

2014: Teltower FV 1913, C1-Youth

Hego Biotec GmbH continues to support the players of C1-Youth of Teltower FV 1913. With its youth concept and the slogan “Joy of playing soccer for all” the Teltower FV 1913 wants to give all children the opportunity to learn to play soccer.

Teltower FV 1913