Polymer dissolving and metering unit

HERBST polymer dissolving and metering unit


In waste water treatment and sludge dewatering, polymers in granular form are frequently used. To fully exploit the potential of these products, optimal conditioning of the polymer solution must be ensured. Uneven dosing of the polymer granules or incomplete wetting of the individual particles before the dissolving process leads to unsolved gel particles that affect the subsequent dewatering process. Furthermore, the polymer properties may be adversely affected by an improper mixing process or insufficient maturation periods which leads to increased operating costs.



This optimized, dual-chamber polymer dissolving unit provides the solution. This customized, per customer basis unit includes the following design features:

  • Uniform dosing of the polymer granules
  • Optimum wetting of the individual granules
  • Stable ratios between dosing quantity of polymer and dissolving water
  • Intensive mixing during the dissolution and maturation process
  • Sufficient maturation period

Principle of operation

Components of the dual-chamber dosing unit

The HERBST polymer dissolving and metering unit
consists of the following modules:

  • Evacuation system of the polymer from the packaging into the storage hopper
  • Heated discharge
  • Optimized wetting device
  • Dissolution and maturation chamber in round container construction with optimized mixing units
  • Level sensor
  • Eccentric screw pump
  • Dissolving and metering units are completely assembled in a base frame

Advantages of the
two-chamber principle

The use of the two-chamber principle has following advantages:

  • Due to the dual-chamber only a fully matured polymer solution is used
  • Round containers reduce the formation of deposits
  • Highly concentrated polymer solutions can be prepared easily
  • Flexible plant operation due to the integrated programmable PLC
  • Operating cost savings due to fully active prepared polymer solution