Metering units

GoSil® metering unit

The basic version of the GoSil® metering unit consists of a metal container with a product tank (1,700 liter or 3,800 liter working volume), a metering pump and control unit. For homogenization of the product an agitator has been installed. The dosage of the GoSil® products occurs usually simultaneously with the operation of the sewage pumps at the pumping station ensuring a flow-proportional addition of the reagent. Different financing models for the GoSil® metering unit such as purchase, lease, rent, or hire-purchase are offered.

05 GoSil Prospektblatt

Metering station GoSil®-O-Mat 3800

Metering controller GoMUC

This metering controller is a stationary process unit for detecting, recording and transmitting analog and / or digital signals. The outputs are freely configurable and allow both the easy control of metering pumps and the intelligent sensor-based regulation of dosage quantities.

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GoMet® metering unit

The OCC-920 storage and metering unit consists of an according to § 19 WHG approved double-walled container with a capacity of 1,000 liters, a lockable metering unit and a removable protective cover. OCC-920 station is specially designed for outdoor installation for the storage and dosing of chemicals. Delivery is carried out as far as possible ready for operation. On site only an electrical connection and the laying of the metering pipe are required

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