To prevent corrosion and odor in sewer systems


Hydrogen sulfide is formed by bacterial reaction of sulfur-containing compounds in wastewater. This highly toxic and malodorous gas escapes from the wastewater, especially at pumping stations and transitions of pressure lines in free-flow pipes, causing bad odors or health hazards as well as biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion. In the presence of atmospheric oxygen, hydrogen sulfide is oxidized chemically/biologically to elemental sulfur at the sewer walls and then metabolized by microorganisms to sulfate or sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid leads to corrosion in concrete structures and metal installations, e.g. in waste water pumping stations. The consequence of this is high remediation costs, often already after only a few years of operation.




By specific dosage of reactants of the GoSil® series, hydrogen sulfide contained in waste water is chemically bound. This reliably prevents outgassing, which leads to odor and corrosion Problems.



GoSil® products are liquid reaction agents containing iron hydroxide as an active component. The iron hydroxide is able to react according to the following chemical equations with hydrogen sulfate contained in wastewater to form elemental sulfur and hardly soluble iron sulfide. Both reaction products are finely dispersed in the waste water and are transported to the waste water treatment plant.



GoSil® method

The dosage of GoSil® products should take place at a turbulent place to ensure thorough blending of the reactants, e.g. in waste water pumping stations. An intelligent microprocessor-based control unit takes various parameters leading to the formation of hydrogen sulfide in to account and ensures a demand-oriented and economical addition of the reagent. No special safety precautions have to be considered regarding storage and handling of these safe “non-hazardous to water” classified substances. Thus, GoSil® products can also be used in particularly sensitive locations, such as public transport areas or water protection Areas.

05 GoSil Prospektblatt

Metering unit GoSil®-O-Mat 3800

GoSil® metering unit

The basic version of the GoSil® metering unit consists of a metal container with a product tank (1,700 liters or 3,800 liters usable volume), a metering pump and control unit. For homogenization of the product, an agitator has been installed. As a rule, the dosage of the GoSil® products occurs simultaneously with the operation of the wastewater pumps at the pumping station to ensure a flow-proportional addition of the reagent. Different financing models for GoSil® metering units such as purchase, lease, rent and installment-payments are available.


Advantages at a glance

  • Reliable and proven method of preventing odor and corrosion
  • Economical and extremely dependable
  • Easy handling of “non-hazardous to water” GoSil® products
  • No storage restrictions for GoSil® products
  • Very low consumption of GoSil® products
  • Intelligent microprocessor control
  • Year round operationality
  • Positive effects on the subsequent waste water treatment plants’ operations
  • Comprehensive customer support and complete metering unit service