Emergency Cleaning Kit

Emergency cleaning kit for users of polymer flocculants


Polymer flocculants are used in many fields of wastewater and sludge treatment. In wastewater treatment, these products are used in particular for rapid and effective clarification of slurries. Many sludge dewatering processes in which centrifuges, belt presses or chamber filter presses are used, are possible only through the use of polymeric flocculants. Polymers are on the market in form of powder granules, water-in-oil emulsions, or polymer solutions.

Before the use of flocculants, low concentration aqueous solutions are prepared. Both of the commercial forms “polymer emulsion” and “polymer solution” as well as the aqueous solutions of the polymers cause big problems for the user due to the formation of a highly slippery surface in case of a spill. To minimize the risk of accidents, it is often attempted to eliminate the polymer contamination with large quantities of water. The emergency kit from Hego Biotec GmbH provides users of polymer flocculants a number of products to clean soiled surfaces effectively with little effort.

Components of the emergency kit

  • GREEN STUFF® Absorbent – for absorbing leaked polymer emulsion or solution
  • GoClean-K – for neutralizing cationic polymer emulsion or solution on traffic areas
  • GoClean-A – for neutralizing anionic polymer emulsion or solution on traffic areas
  • GoClean-V – for resolution and dissolving dried polymer residues on floors and equipment
  • LORDIN FLUID – for effective cleaning polymer soiled hands
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Emergency kit components GREEN STUFF® Absorbent and GoClean-K during elimination of an accident with a cationic polymer emulsion

Overview of components of the emergency kit

    • GREEN STUFF® Absorbent

This product is a high-performance powdered absorbent for flocculant emulsions and aqueous solutions of polymeric flocculants. GREEN STUFF® Absorbent facilitates collecting spilled polymer-liquids. Due to its large surface area and a special micro-capillary structure, the liquids are bound rapidly and completely. The resulting flakes are effectively dry and can be swept up. The floor then can be walked on. However, the entry of water can still lead to a recurrence of dangerously slippery polymer films. For this reason, the subsequent use of a cleaning agent of the GoClean series is recommended. The basis of GREEN STUFF® Absorbent is also tested as an oil binder Type III R and thus approved for use on public roads.

    • GoClean-K / GoClean-A

For small spills of polymer solutions or polymer emulsions, after their absorption using GREEN STUFF® Absorbent, using GoClean-K or GoClean-A is advisable. GoClean-K is a highly active detergent for spills of cationic polymers. It has been specifically designed to quickly and effectively clean surfaces that are contaminated with solutions of cationic flocculants. Due to its ingredients, the polymer particles are chemically linked; the viscosity and slipperiness of the polymer solution is eliminated. Surface active components result in an effective and complete cleaning of soiled surfaces using minimal amounts of water. GoClean-A has been developed, with respect to its ingredients, specifically for the removal of spills of anionic or nonionic flocculants.

    • GoClean-V

GoClean-V is a special pre-treatment agent for already dried in spills of polymer flocculants on surfaces. GoClean-V leads to a rapid resolution and chemical degradation of the polymer. Surfaces pretreated with GoClean-V can be completely cleaned by using GoClean-K or GoClean-A.

Advantages at a glance

Leaked polymer emulsion or solution

  • GREEN STUFF® Absorbent absorbes the leaked liquid safely using low material quantities

Slippery road surfaces and floors after a polymer-accident

  • The cleaning concentrates GoClean-A and GoClean-K neutralize the polymer ingredients
    and ensure slip resistance

When wet dried in polymer residues result again in risk of slipping

  • GoClean-V resolves powder residues effectively and thus facilitates the removal using
    GoClean-A or GoClean-K

Heavily soiled hands after handling polymer-containing fluids

  • Lordin FLUID cleanses effectively and restores a secure grip